Getting Ready for Another School Year

I have really been enjoying the live sessions of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo Back to School Blast this week.  The speakers have been so inspiring and encouraging.  The moms in the chat room have been equally fun and encouraging.  I get so much from these lovely women! 

We’ve heard from veteran homeschoolers whose children are grown and married.  They’ve shared their wisdom and experience as well as their trials and difficulties.  We’ve also heard from homeschool graduates who are just beginning to teach their own little ones at home.  They have shown so much gratitude and respect for their parents and homeschooling.  It is truly encouraging to know that I am not the only homeschooling mom who struggles or whose kids aren’t always motivated to learn. 

All of the speakers have shared wisdom and practical ideas for the coming school year.  They have given me the inspiration (a.k.a. the kick in the pants) that I need as I sit down to plan what my children will be studying in the next few months.  They have given me awesome tools (the great extras you get when you purchase a ticket) for planning and teaching.  I’m looking forward to having some fun with the boys as we begin a new year of school.

There is so much more to come!  I sincerely hope you’ll join us – either for the free, live sessions the rest of this week (the live chat room is a blast!) or by purchasing your ticket to the membership site (or both!).  Click here for all the information on the talks and bonuses you’ll receive with your ticket!  I’ll see you in the chat!

P.S. Act now to get the entire Expo set for half off!  (Sale ends 8-18-11)

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