Road Trip Part 3


Esbon’s sister, Gayle, lives in Ruston, Louisiana.  We visited her family once before, in 2007.  Visiting again was one of the main reasons for this whole excursion.  I can’t believe how little and cute the boys looked back then!

2007Trip Road Trip Part 3Gayle and Jim put us up in a hotel for the duration of our visit.  They treated us to everything and we had a great weekend with them.

Pizza Road Trip Part 3Pizza with three of the four Yates boys.  Daniel is a little younger than Bo, James is a little younger than Jonathan, and Mathew is the youngest.  JT, who is a little older than Bo, was at a ball game.

Airsoft Road Trip Part 3Bo, Daniel, and a friend of Daniel’s had a great time playing airsoft at the cousins’ house.  This is apparently a common sight around the neighborhood.  The sheriff lives across the street, and his son has been known to join in the fun.

Reload Road Trip Part 3While Bo and Daniel were running around with their airsoft guns, Jonathan and the other boys were enjoying the trampoline, Jedi style.

Trampoline Road Trip Part 3Jedi1 Road Trip Part 3It looks like James is winning!

Jedi Road Trip Part 3While the boys were battling their cousins, Gayle and Jim drove us to Arcadia to hear some Bluegrass with the North Louisiana Bluegrass Club.

Bluegrass Road Trip Part 3The groups that weren’t on stage performing practiced in back rooms of the Depot Museum.

Bluegrass2 Road Trip Part 3The Depot Museum had some interesting displays on local history.  This is part of an exhibit on Bonnie and Clyde.

DepotMuseum2 Road Trip Part 3Esbon particularly enjoyed this military history display.

DepotMuseum1 Road Trip Part 3

Bird watching is one of my favorite things to do at Gayle’s.  She has a dozen or more feeders in her backyard.  I sat out in the cold for awhile, waiting for the birds to get used to me.  I’d say it was worth it!  Here’s one of several Cardinals.

Cardinal Road Trip Part 3And a red-bellied woodpecker…

Red bellied Woodpecker Road Trip Part 3

We had a great time just hanging out with the family.  This is Esbon and Gayle with Gayle’s youngest grandson, Mathew.

GayleEsbonMatthew Road Trip Part 3We went out for Mexican on our last evening.  Gayle’s daughter Linda and her four boys joined us.  The boys watched the movie “I, Spy” in Spanish while they ate.  Wow, that’s a lot of growing boys!

Family Road Trip Part 3It was a beautiful weekend with family.  We didn’t get to see everyone since some of the older cousins are already in college, but everyone had a great time.  I hope we’ll get back again soon!

Lowthers Road Trip Part 3And with that it’s time to head back west!