Road Trip!

Part 1: Portland to Kerrville

We took February off and drove to Louisiana to visit Esbon’s sister, Gayle, and her family.  Along the way we saw lots of other friends and family across the south.  I know I’m a little late getting these up, but I wanted to share our travel log anyway.  We drove about 6000 miles in a month, so I’ll break this up into several posts.

The first few days of our trip were mostly driving.  We got a fairly good start on the 1st, and headed for Medford, OR.  We visited with my good friend, Emily, for over an hour over lunch.

001Purdy1 Road Trip!We had a good drive south into California.  It was overcast and cool – perfect driving weather.  There were some interesting clouds over Mt. Shasta.  Esbon got this shot while I was driving.

002ShastaEsbon Road Trip!Our first stop in the Golden State is always at the In N’ Out Burger in Redding.  This was our favorite fast food restaurant for years and it’s equal doesn’t exist in Oregon.  (Sorry Burgerville lovers, not even close!)

003InnOut Road Trip!We arrived in Vallejo, CA a little after 9 pm.  Our friends, David and Trudy put us up for the night.  The boys stayed up late playing with their friends while we caught up with ours.  It was hard to get going the next morning, and it was nearly lunch time when we finally dragged the kids away from the computers.

004BrasuresOutbound Road Trip!We had planned to have a picnic lunch on day 2, but we forgot to buy bread while we were in town and couldn’t find any at the truck stops along I-5.  We snacked in the car for lunch and treated ourselves to ice cream later in the afternoon.  We dined in La Verne, outside of L.A., and then took a short detour to drive by my old house.  It was too dark for pictures, but fun to show the kids where I lived for a few years in my youth.  We pulled into the Motel 6 in Indio before 9 pm, so we made pretty good time over all for the day.

Friday brought another later than planned start (we’re not great at getting going early) and pretty good driving weather.  We enjoyed watching gas prices fall as we traveled east – from $3.65 in Indio to $3.37 somewhere in Arizona.  Crossing Arizona and New Mexico was pretty uneventful.  We saw a few oases and lots of cacti, but not much else.

005Oasis Road Trip!

006Cacti1 Road Trip!We took a lot of these pictures out the window while the car was moving.  Our goal was to make time during this leg of the trip so we didn’t stop much.  This is much easier now that the boys are old enough to entertain themselves.  They’ve got their movies, handheld games, and phones to play on or watch.  We sometimes make them run laps around the van when we do stop, to make sure they get a little exercise.

We stopped at about 8:30 in Lordsburg, NM on Friday night.  We had planned to get a little farther than that, but I forgot to factor in the time changes as we crossed time zones.  We settled into the Econolodge and watched some tv before calling it a night.

Saturday was another uneventful day of driving.  We filled up the gas tank at $3.09/gallon – the lowest price we saw on the whole trip.  We crossed the border into Texas around mid-morning.

006Texas Road Trip!We stopped at a rest area for a picnic.  These birds were flitting about the pathways and bushes beside the parking area.

007TXBirds Road Trip!We were able to make up some of our lost time on I-10 east of El Paso.  The speed limit jumped up to 80 mph!  Yes, I said 80 mph!

00880MPH Road Trip!I shot this out the window going, yes, 80 mph.  We did make up some time on Saturday but didn’t get quite as far as we hoped.  We stopped around 7:30 pm, at the Days Inn in Kerrville, TX.  Then we got pizza to go and had a pizza and movie night at the motel.

At this point, we were done with our first big driving push.  We covered about 2000 miles in 4 days.  In the next post I’ll share the rest of our visit in Texas.  Happy driving!


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