Meet the Griffins

Welcome!  My name is Terri.  I am privileged to be married to my best friend, Esbon, and we have two wonderful boys, Bo and Jonathan.

We’ve had an interesting time the last year or two as we search for our right place and employment. This blog will chronicle our journey and share some of the lessons we’ve learned (or still need to learn) along the way.

My hobbies include sewing, photography, reading, writing, and singing.  Esbon is a long time photographer and sales professional, as well as a wonderful husband and dad.  We have been homeschooling the boys since day one.  Bo loves Boy Scouts and video games.  Jonathan is also in Scouts and loves making stop motion movies with his legos.  He’s also a huge Harry Potter fan.

Fix yourself a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, and sit back and join us as we learn and laugh (and sometimes cry, scream, and shout).  If you would like to support us on our journey, please feel free to check out our Photography Gifts.  I hope you enjoy your Journey with Griffins!

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