Summer Camp

Sunday morning we drove up to Camp Pioneer to drop off Bo and Esbon for a week of Boy Scout camp.  It’s their second year attending resident camp and I’m sure they’re having a great time.  It’s a little strange to be completely out of contact with them though.  The camp they went to last year had cell phone service so Esbon and I talked a few times while they were gone.  I was also able to send them email that the staff printed out and delivered like regular mail.  This camp has neither cell phone service nor email.  I feel so cut off!

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the pictures I took at camp on Sunday.  Enjoy!

First up – the boys with their gear in the parking lot.  Bo was so excited to get his first real pack a few weeks ago and he couldn’t wait to use it.

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Here’s the group shot of the Troop.  The staff takes this shot of each troop that comes to camp.  Troop 127 has a total of 21 Scouts at camp this week.  That should make for a different experience for Bo and Esbon.  Last year they only had about 6 Scouts in the group!

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Next up – the lake with Mt. Jefferson in the background.  The view is truly breathtaking!  You can sort of see part of the waterfront area on the left, and I think there’s a fishing dock or something on the right.

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Unlike the boys, Esbon and some of the other leaders didn’t have backpacking packs to carry all of their gear.  Fortunately for them there were carts to help get gear to their campsite.

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The boys are camping in the “Big Fir” campsite.  Most of them are using the small pup tents that were already set up for the week, but one patrol wanted to sleep in the same tent so we brought our big tent that sleeps six for them to use.  I think Bo was planning to set up his own blue tent but he didn’t get it set up before I left.

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The first order of business after the boys unloaded their gear was to change into their swim trunks and head down to the waterfront for swim checks. 

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That’s about the last I saw of the boys before I left.  I pretty much said goodbye to Bo before we left the house.  I figured once we got to camp he’d be off with the other Scouts and not want to be seen hugging Mom.  I was right, of course.

Jonathan and I walked around camp a bit more before we left though.  Here’s part of the waterfont.

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And the dining hall (one of the most important buildings in camp!)

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That’s about all Jonathan was good for.  I did make him wait a bit longer while I photographed some of the bear grass that grows all over camp though.  (Flower photography is one of my specialties after all!)

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Even though I know they’re having an awesome time at camp, I can’t wait to see them on Saturday when they get back.  It’s just too strange having only half the family here.  I hope Esbon is taking lots of pictures so we can see what they did all week.

Happy Camping!!

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